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Products >> Polymer Li-ion 3.7V 5000 Mah Cells

Polymer Li-ion 3.7V 5000 Mah Cells

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Product Name: Polymer Li-ion 3.7V 5000 Mah Cells
Supply Ability: one million
Specifications H896474
Price Term: FOB
Port of loading: HONGKONG,SHENZHEN
Minimum Order 1000PCS
Unit Price:
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Product Description

Chemistry Polymer Li-ion 3.7V 5000 mAh (H896474) cell, UL listed
Capacity: Nominal: 5000mAh 18.5 Wh (Fresh battery)
Average: 18.5 Wh
Energy density: 185 wh/kg
Cycle life: > 500 times
Charging rate 5.0A Max. (1.0C rate)
Discharging Rate: 10.0A Max. (2.0 C rate)
Size (LxWxH): 74 L x 64 W x 8.9 Thickness mm
Weight: 3.0Oz (85 grams)

Tips: Can replace 18650 cell with lower cost
Please use our smart charger to charge your pack. (The voltage of the pack must match the voltage of the charger.
Charging time = (1.5 x Ah of the pack)/ Amp charging current
If you DIY by yourself, you MUST install Our PCB or your own PCB with the following feature:
4.2V/cell over-charge protection
2.5V/cell over-discharge protection
Max current over-drain protection
Short circuit protection.

The polymer battery is excellent for Notebook, DVD, Bike Lights, Camera and Flash-Light power banks
Replace 18650 cell at lower cost. 4 x 896474 polymer Li-ion has similar size with 4S2P 18650 cells

Besides, we have high drain of cells can afford continuous discharge at 10C and 20C

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